additional footage available upon request.

Four Solos to One: Exploration of Digital Performance (2020)

Performance and Videography by Sami Heckendorn, senior at Wilson College

Laura (2019)

Shadowforest (2018)

Set on undergraduate students at Wilson College

Everyday (2018)

Short dance film officially selected for the Fuselage Dance Film Festival (Seattle, Washington), danceBARN screenDANCE Festival (Battle Lake, Minnesota), Triskelion Arts Film Festival (New York, NY), Rethink Dance Film Festival (Fargo, North Dakota), SET.mefree Screendance (Valetta, Malta), ViDEOSKiN (Yukon, Canada). 

A collaboration with 96B Dance Theatre (Audrey Pincus, film director). 

"Grab Her!" (2017)

Set on Coactive Dance Collective, Philadelphia

Length / 10 minutes  Ensemble / Three Dancers

"Project Trans(m)it: Phase Two" (2016)

Co Directors: Lora Allen and Becca Weber


Length / 28 minutes  Ensemble / Three Dancers

"Until We Get Caught..." (2015)


Length / 18 minutes  Ensemble / Five Dancers and Singers

Photos by Eric Bandiero and Kyle Svecz

"Upheaval" (2014)
Length / 10 minutes  

Photos by Bill Hebert

"Private Moments" (2014) 
Length / Ten minutes     Live music by Paul Fairall

Photo: Sidney Danz

"An Attachment" (2013)
Length / 30 minutes Ensemble / Seven Singers and Dancers
"People Will Talk" (2012) 
Length / Eight minutes Ensemble / Six Singers/Actors
Choreography Reel 
"Explosions of Patience" (2012)
Length / Nine Minutes Ensemble / Five Dancers + Singers

Bill H Photography

"Invader of Mine" (2012)
Length / Nine Minutes Ensemble / Two Dancer

Bill H Photography

"Betty Crocker/Betty Friedan" (2011)
Length / Nine Minutes Ensemble / Five Dancers

Bill H Photography