Collaboration with Opera Singer Lisa Turchi (2019-2020)

An interdisciplinary, improvisational project

Project Trans(m)it: Phase Three (2018)

Choreography by Lora Allen / Duet with Andrea Lanzetti (2018 Premiere at Wimbledon Gallery in London)

Photo Credit: Corinne Louie

Improvisational Footage with Mezzo Soprano, Lisa Turchi (2016)

Shown at Wilson College's Appenzellar Buchanan Dance Studio

Improvisational Footage from

The H-O-T Series of Philadelphia (2016)

Curated by Flandrew Fleisenburg and Loren Groenandaal

with Marie Brown and Loren Groenandaal (dancers), and Christopher Brooks (violinist)  and Jesse Sparhawk (Harpist)

From "Cell Scores" (2015)

Self-Choreographed as part of Project Trans(m)it: Phase One

From ROADKILL: The Show (2013-15)

Choreography by Lauren Lasorda and Tali Custer 

Graxxis (2014)

Choreography by Matthew Frazier-Smith 

From "The City" (2014)

Choreography by Kendra Slack, LINKED Dancetheatre

Performance Reel 2014

"Shake Trio" From Merian Soto's Movement Theatre Workshop

With Marion Ramirez and Dara Meredith


From Peter Kyle and Scott Giguere's "Slow Tempo" Workshop (2015)

Bearnstow (Mt. Vernon, Maine)

Phil Grosser Choreography (2012-13)

Temple University

Additional footage available upon request.